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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Review: Anathema (Sojourner, #4) by Maria Rachel Hooley

Book Description via Goodreads: Elizabeth and Lev believe the danger with the dark angels and the Dagger of Light are finally behind them, but with Elizabeth’s sacrifice comes a new more menacing threat as whatever power the dagger once possessed now possesses Elizabeth, endangering all those she loves most. In a last ditch effort to protect them, Elizabeth runs away, unaware her fate rests with a triune of angels who have come to judge her transgressions against others of their kind.

Book Four In The Sojourner Series (the final book)


My Review: 
I received a copy of this book from the author so i first of all wanna say thanks to her!

Anathema is book 4 in Maria Rachel Hooley's "Sojourner" series and i think i would have to say its my favorite of the set. If you haven't read the book you may not want to read any further cause you may get spoiled but if you don't mind them read on. Well this book follow's the aftermath of Elizabeth stabbing herself with the ancient dagger to save Lev. It somehow has given her this awful power in which she can kill pretty much anyone with her hands, and 95% of the time its not voluntary, it's not something she can control. She tries to train to learn how to control it but that doesn't go over well. There are these set of angel's called the Triune who are out to find her because a human in their eyes should not hold that sort of power. I don't want to spoil too much but in this book Elizabeth goes through a lot, more than normal, she has to deal with the fact that just being around the people she loves puts them in danger of being killed or seriously hurt. And worry about if the Triune are gonna kill her or not. I felt like Elizabeth became a stronger person in this book because she made had to make choices i don't know if i could ever make, even if she knew it wouldn't work out like she wanted she would always do what was best for her family and Lev. As if to say at least she tried to do what was best even if it killed her or didn't come out how she wanted. I actually at times would find myself going "omg" as i was reading parts because of the suspense of not knowing what was gonna happen to these characters because of Elizabeth's choice in the end of book 3. All in all this was a very fun and highly enjoyable series on the "Angel" aspect of the paranormal genre. I will definitely be reading more from this author! Happy reading! 

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