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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Note from Tarra (blog owner)

Hi everyone,
  I just wanted to write to you and apologize tremendously for this blog.  I had hoped when opening it that because i was going to be blogging about something i loved, that it would come easily to me, and it didn't/hasn't.  I've realized there is alot of work that goes into these book blog's and it takes a good bit of work to keep people wanting to come back to your blog,  and i seem to be having a difficult time in getting those things for you all that most book bloggers have (author guest posts, giveaways etc...) - i'm just not being asked to do them as i thought i would, or maybe i'm supposed to ask the authors to do it, i'm kinda running blindly here, and i feel like i don't really know what i'm doing.  And i feel very overwelmed.  To add to that i'm going through some things in my personal life that i am having a difficult time dealing with, my whole life has basically been ripped out from under me and i'm just trying to find a way to get through the day not in tears.  So that does have some to do with why the blog is not being updated like i would like.  But i don't wanna give up on this blog, and i'm not going to, i love books and reading and i'm gonna try my best to make the blog better for you guys that even bother reading what i post.  Because i appreciate everyone who is following the blog and those who have given me advice, it really means alot.  On one note i'm gonna be putting up a new layout soon, i know everyone has made comments on loving the one that is up, but i'm having alot of issues with it, i can't posts my posts on the facebook page because the layout is from Pyzam and for some reason they don't allow it or something, idk.  Plus i think i need a change/fresh start.  I have quite a few saved and i have no idea which one i wanna put up so i was thinking the first thing i would do for you all is let you guys help me pick the layout, i would love to have a customized layout and header and all that but i just can't afford to pay for one so, gonna go with what i can and try and make the best of it.  I will make a post probably in the next couple of days with screen shots of the layouts i have selected and there will be a poll open for you guys to vote on the new layout, i hope everyone votes because i really need the help picking as i love all of them haha.  But i just again wanted to write and let you know why the blog was so dead and let you know im not gonna give up on this blog, i hope to make it a success, i mean i don't expect it to be the biggest thing out there just something i can have fun with and where people come to get their book info and such.  There are alot of great book blogs out there and i just want this to be one of them.  So we'll see..... lol.  Hope you all have a good weekend and Happy Reading! =)


*hug* not to worry! We won't abandon you :) Take your time and never fear asking for help, we were all new once too.
Take care,

Tarra said...

Thanks Nicole, i appreciate it. =)

Dalya said...

Hi Tarra:

I'm sorry to hear you've been having a tough time!

As for the blog, I think even if you take it slow and only update it when you have time, people still appreciate it.

I'd be happy to do a guest post and giveaway any time, but be warned, I'm not a big-name author with a huge following. :-)


Darcy Town said...

I like your blog (love the colors on the sides). From speaking with other Indie authors author interviews tend to come from the authors requesting it, but they have to see that you want those types of requests in the first place. We don't like spamming readers/bloggers with interview requests and such. :)

So if you're looking for author interviews or things like that, I'd make a post asking for submissions.

I personally think they're fun to do! I'm always game for them.

-Darcy Town
Author of Morningstar

Tarra - if you do want an author interview/giveaway etc, I'd be happy to work with you on one. If you're interested :) You can reach me at n.macdonald00 at
No pressure though *grin* only if you want.

So sorry for the hardships you are currently going through right now. I've been there before...

I'd be happy to do an Author Interview/Giveaway/Drawing. Anything that could help :)

I'm sorry for your difficulties.

Bok bloging is hard at first but I'm sure you'll get the hang of it soon.

You could joing blog tours and you could approach publishers by emailing them. That's what I did.

If you need help you can contact me through my email and I'll help you.

ladykrishna at gmail dot com

Btw.. I'm following you. Don't be discouraged.. every book blogger started this way..


Hang in I know you will.

If there is anything I can do to add content to your site, let me know.

I'd also be interested in giving away free copies of Solstice Of The Heart and don't forget; I'm still looking for the face of Julissa Grant to grace the future front covers of the Solstice Series (two written, five planned)

John J Blenkush

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