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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Just A Note

Hi,  Just a note to say im sorry i haven't posted lately, my family is going through a rough time right now and my mother was put in the hospital because of it.  So i will post as soon as i can but right now my main concern is my mother's health (i'm sure you can understand), so please keep us in your prayers that everything works out for us.  And i will return as soon as possible.  And just a note on the blog, the Christmas giveaway w/ Charlotte Blackwell ends Sunday so if you haven't signed up for it i would really advise you to its a really good giveaway.  Click here to go to it.  I will try to do my Friday posts this week but if i don't get them in please understand. 



Laura Eno said...

Take care of yourself and your family. Hugs and hopes for a speedy recovery.

Hope everything is okay...Your family is in my prayers just like my 2nd cousin who is also going through a rough time right now...

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