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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Confession of A New Blogger

I'm very sure as you all can tell or know i'm VERY new at blogging, i've never done it before. But i love books and reading and i really want to do this blog and make it as great as i can.  I want to include everything you go out searching for when you go looking for a book blog to read.  But the problem is, even though i follow quite my share of book blogs, doing one on my own is very different, and that's why i would like you guys, the readers, to let me know some of your favorite things that you look for in a book blog, or features you like, to kinda help me know what direction i want to begin in, because there is so much.  So if you wanna leave a comment just letting me know what your favorite things/features are in a book blog, you would be helping me greatly. I know that dark purple on the blog was very hard to read and i have changed the colors up some, i hope it's easier to read now. And i hope it matches for that matter. I do have someone making me a header, button, and all that good stuff so that will be up as soon as i get it.


Hooray, it works now! Happy blogging.

looks good to me tarra :)

this is awesome :D is my blog if you wanna follow and check it out - maybe it'll help :)
email me if you have questions -

Looking good! Much easier to read. And the colors are so PRETTY! All my favorite colors. :-)

Here's a YA book blog directory if you want to see a zillion sites and what they do.

I don't have any other input because the only reason I go to YA review blogs is to get book reviews for MY books. As far as that goes, you're meeting my needs :-)

Hi! Your blog looks nice! I'm still kinda new to the blogging world, but I'm starting to get the hang of how everything works on a blog.

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